Semalt Islamabad Expert – What Is A Web Crawler?

The most important 'animal' that people should concern themselves with when it comes to search engine optimization is the spider. If you have read enough search engine optimization articles, you might have noticed that the authors refer to search engine crawlers quite often. They may have also mentioned that their work is to crawl websites and gone further to explain how they do so.

If you may not have heard about search engine spiders, you might be wondering what a web crawler is. Trying to learn about them from consistent references to them may sound a little creepy. The following article provided by Michael Brown, a top expert from Semalt, will attempt to weave through the web of clarity and possibly lower any level of creepiness that learning about spiders may have brought upon you.

When search engines need to rank a website page, they use a computer program or an algorithm to go through the internet in search of information in a methodical and automated manner. The automated program goes by many names. It is a web crawler, an automated indexer, bot, spider, or ant. The programs conduct a process called 'web crawling' to ensure that all the information gathered from the web pages is up-to-date. Therefore, the nickname "spider" seems befitting.

The primary objective of the spiders is to create a copy of each of the pages it visits so that the search engines can process them. The search engine then indexes the pages so that they can provide their users with fast search results. Another use of spiders is the automatic maintenance and information gathering from the websites they visit. They check links and validate codes and keywords from these sites. Spiders collect hyperlinks from the pages they visit and add them to a list of sites to visit. In the process, they also credit the original sites that provided the links in the first place.

Search engines use the information that the spiders collected from the websites to rank them on the search engine results page for their keywords. That is where the entire process of search engine optimization falls in. Making sure to include the keywords in the webpage elements and code makes the spider's job much simpler. An optimized website ensures faster and more efficient spider crawling. Ultimately, the work of the spider is to help identify elements that need optimization especially if one works with customer websites. It is the reason why people should not worry about spiders and start viewing them as beneficial to the site. You should stop fretting about the spiders that currently crawl your site and start loving them.

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